Colorful logo variations of the Hand & Heart Studio Logo.
Well here we are in 2016 and we’re so excited to be launching our brand new wedding photography studio based just outside Philadelphia, but also servicing the Lehigh Valley, all over New Jersey, New York city, Baltimore, Maryland and beyond!

While we’re a new company, we are not new to wedding photography. Our combined experience is greater than 20 years so it’s fair to say this isn’t our first rodeo! We started as the sister, associate studio to Daniel Moyer Photography with one goal of bringing fun, modern, and personal wedding coverage to fun, photography-loving couples! In addition, to creating fun and unique couple portraits for you to hang on your walls, the relationship between you, your significant and your family and friends is our main focus! They are all there, under one roof together for the happy reason of supporting you! We love that! We appreciate a wedding day for what it is: a wedding day and not a giant staged photoshoot. We love to be right there in the thick of it, in the mix at every part of your wedding day!

So what’s up with the name?

The name comes from just before my (Dan speaking) wife and I first started dating. Just like any other couple in the “honeymoon” period we’d stay up late texting, chatting on AIM, or talking into the wee hours of the morning. I’d try to impress her, and we’d laugh and talk about our hopes, dreams, passions, and curiosities. And at the end of every conversation, I’d always say that whatever you want to talk about my hand and my heart are always open. It’s a sentiment that still is common in our relationship today!