Engaged couple in front of colorful garage door.

Photographed by: Lauren & Michael

We had an absolute blast with Amanda and Phil hoofing it around the Peace Valley Reservoir on Saturday morning! It was bright, sunny and hot but these two brought their “A” game and “toughed it out.” Although it didn’t look too tough hugging, kissing and loving on each other! Thank you both for being such a treat to work with!

Cute couple by the lake at Peace Valley Reservoir.

Cute couple hugging by red wall.

Cute couple hugging.

Bride-to-be loving on her groom-to-be!

Man kissing woman on the cheek in front of lake at Peace Valley Reservoir.

Man and woman hugging on walking path at Peace Valley Reservoir.

Sharp lines and shadows behind a laughing woman.

Engaged couple hugging at Peace Valley Reservoir during their engagement session.

Shadows and lines create graphic look to image of couple hugging!

Close up photograph of cute couple snuggling noses.

Cute couple hugging framed by trees behind them.